Pop-up Picnic 101


A Pop-Up Picnic can be as big or small as you like. Gather friends, family, co-workers or community for a fun filled picnic in celebration of nature. Here’s are a few tips for Pop-Up Picnic Perfection!

1. Choose a date and location

  • Make it close to nature, central and transit-friendly
  • Partner with other community events
  • Consider a lunchtime picnic for work or school

2. Celebrate Nature
Ask five other people to sign-up for the 30×30 Nature Challenge…it’s never too late to join

3. Spread the word
Be specific – include the time, date and location details

4. Set the stage
Colourful blankets, snacks and music make for a fun event

  • Request food donations from local grocers or go potluck
  • Keep it simple with your own bagged lunches
  • Invite picnickers to bring musical instruments and games
  • Go waste-free: remind guests to bring reusable utensils and dishes

Have fun and send us a photo for the 30×30 Photo Contest.

Contact cdepaul@davidsuzuki.org for assistance.

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Photo credit: hey mr glen via Flickr

This week’s photo challenge: #momentofzen