30×30 At Work

The cost of our busy, high-tech lifestyles shows up in the workplace: reduced productivity, lower job satisfaction and higher rates of absenteeism. The good news is that there’s an easy prescription for healthier lives and more vibrant communities – a regular dose of nature.

To support wellness within organizations and companies, we’re providing tools to implement the 30×30 Nature Challenge in your workplace. Download the official 30×30 Workplace Toolkit to receive tips, resources and fun workplace challenges to help you engage your colleagues.

Weekly workplace challenges

This past year we had suggested themes for weekly challenges that can help get your colleagues outside.

Week 1: Green walkabout
Week 2: Green energy break
Week 3: Birds and bees nature walk
Week 4: Pop-up picnic

If you want some help organizing these activities, check out Happenate, a new online platform that will help you organize 30×30 workplace activities.

While the 30×30 Challenge has closed for 2014, we encourage you to take the Challenge and continue getting outside. Send your stories and photos to asheppard@davidsuzuki.org.